Not good enough.
You're not good enough.
While your list of abilities is impressive, we've found someone who better fits our needs...aka You're not good enough.

You're not good enough.

These 4 words. 
They haunt us.
They eat their way into our brains and continually replay themselves over and over and over again.
Making you believe them.
Turning situations into what they're not. 

I know I've heard them...many times. Have you? How did you feel? How do you feel when you think about those words?

I'm pretty sure I've heard those 4 words more in the last month than I have in my life.

Applying for jobs after graduation...application after application....it's either silence received or "while you're very impressive, we've found someone else to fit our needs.."...YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. 

These words. 
Once you are told this, you never forget it. 
While you may think you've forgotten it and you think you are good enough, one day a situation arises and these thoughts start producing other thoughts in your mind. Whether it's not getting invited to a social gathering with friends, or not being asked to be apart of an event, not getting a job, not getting what you think you deserve, someone else being chosen over you.... these simple little things are turned and twisted into something totally different. And we react. We react in ways we never thought were possible for ourselves. We jump to conclusions, we say things hastily. We get hot and our heart races and we just want to scream or cry....or both.
It's discouraging. It hurts. It's a feeling only the worst words can describe. It's raw.

These 4 words have power. 
If we believe them long enough, they will have power over us.
They will destroy us. 

But, if we remind ourselves of who we are and whose we are , well, that's the game changer. 

God says we are HIS.
We were made in HIS image. 
We were hand woven. We were made specifically for a purpose.
We were each made unique.
We were each made with flaws. Flaws that make us beautiful.

The enemy will be the one who uses those 4 words to destroy you. 
BUT, we have God's word to remind us of how worthy and good we truly are...

"I am born of God, and the evil one does not touch me" -1 John 5:18

"I have the Greater One living in me; greater is He Who is in me than he who is in the world"
1 John 4:4

"I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ unto good works" -Ephesians 2:10

And when you have a past that haunts you, remember this:

I am a new creature in Christ -2 Corinthians 5:17

When those words creep in and you feel uneasy, you CAN overcome.
The world does not define you. The world may tell you that you're not good enough, but the world's opinions do not matter. 
The God who placed the stars in the sky and knows them all, created YOU. He loves you. He wants you. 
You are HIS.
You are good enough.

I am the daughter of a KING
Who is not moved by the world
For my God is WITH ME &
Because I AM

Photo Credits: Sarah McCallister

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