Treated like a Princess...

Today a very close friend said something that hit close...

"Dad's treat you that way, to show you that, that is how you should be treated."

I looked at her and said Wow. That right there is good.
 Let me explain..

Here recently I have had a hard time opening up, relaxing and realizing that how this guy is treating me is how a guy is suppose to treat me. It is weird to have car doors opened, and gifts just because, and to be told that I am beautiful. And to have prayer together...and alot alot more. It is weird to have someone like me for me and not trying to make me or compare me to someone else. To do things for me because he wants to, and doesn't expect anything in return. And it is not that I am ungrateful, it is just that I don't know how to act!!! LOL These things are done for me and I am like whoa wait a minute...what was that? Did that really just happen? What do I do now?!  And  I am so grateful To have such a genuine, honest, caring and true Man of God. The sad thing is.... It blows my mind!!

Yes I have had a wonderful male in the house my entire life, my daddy. And he has gone above and beyond for me. Treated me like his princess. Him and my mother both. So I always knew that whoever I ended up with would respect me and care for me and treat me absolutely amazing. But now that, that is here I am freaking out!!! haha

I told this dear friend of mine today that shared with me about dad's treating us that way...that I just need to relax and realize that it is okay and that its not weird! It is so sad, to think that I myself and millions of women out there have never had a man, well besides her father, treat us how we should be treated. And go above and beyond for you, just because he wants too.

So needless to say, I am loosening up and realizing just how awesome it is and I am also letting walls down that once were up from being hurt by not being treated right. Once you know that he is your prince, don't let him go!

I also feel like I need to say; Ladies this is a vice versa subject also. It don't mean that you can be ugly to your man! You show him the most respect and go above and beyond for him also. Love above all else.

I just had to share this also...I stinkin love it and laugh so hard everytime I look at it....hehe!

Have a wonderful week dear friends!!! Check back tomorrow for a post about Obeying The Lord and Waiting on him. :)


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