When the goin gets tough...

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Sorry for the delay in a new post, I have been super super busy with some things! Things concerning Hearts Prepared :) (That makes me SO happy/excited to say that!!)  This past Saturday a very close friend of mine from high school did my pictures for me...He owns his own photography business that you can check out here.

I was extremely pleased with how it turned out; I knew it would be good because Corey is awesome at what he does, but I was nervous with myself...But I ended up loving it.....
I feel awkward looking at this ...lol

My Favorite!
Once that was done, I got a facebook page going for Hearts Prepared. You can go and "like" that here!
It is so exciting to see what God is doing and to watch the plan He has for my life unfold right in front of me! I am ever so grateful for each and every day and I am ecstatic that this is only the beginning  of my life with Him. Sometimes I am like "wait...there's more??!!" 

So for today's post; I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I wanted to get it just right. Lets start here :

We are all in different seasons of life. I entered my new season 2 weeks ago. Some may ask "Well, how do you know it is a new season that you've walked into? How do you know?" Well folks, I myself have asked that for a bit now. I just didn't know. I was a mess. I was scared, I was nervous. I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen for me in my future. I was scared to know what it was going to be like in a month. I remember standing on the asphalt outside at Canaan Land with 3 extraordinary women, they were all praying for me and holding onto me. That moment was probably my low. I was in the middle of a battle, and I knew my Victory was right around the bend, and I knew I was going to make it. I was just mentally and physically tired. I was tired of sleepless nights and me just asking God "why?" I repeatedly spoke aloud, "God, I know that You are for me." Constantly I was in my Bible finding verses on strength. I knew it was almost over. I knew it. 

The entire month leading up to 8 Days of Glory my Spirit was stirring. I just knew something big was going to happen at 8 days.And it did. And I welcomed in my 22nd birthday at 12:30 am in an after service with Billye Brim.  But the "something big" came for me on Tuesday October 4th. I won't go into detail but as I was sitting in service and listening to Jesse Duplantis, I was longing for something. I knew I did not want to go back down the road I was on with someone. So I followed what my Spirit was saying and I made a decision. After making this decision I was in prayer with a very very close friend and a lady from church. Instantly I heard Dean Sikes voice go through my head. Dean had told me back in August( I put it on the shelf & then took it off at this very moment) that" the next 4 months would be very intense for me. But to stay calm, God has a plan and he is launching me. There will be a test before a testimony. The test will be, you're going to take a stand. But will you stand the way you think you will stand. The decision will surprise you. "Automatically I knew right away that I just took the stand that I didn't think I would take...ever. I said no.  My body, my Spirit, my mind.. everything in me completely turned to peace. I knew it. I just took the stand ! And yes it DID shock me!. I could not stop smiling.  At this very moment, I stepped into my new season.
God is launching me. I see it and I can feel it. I am very excited about what each day He brings to me.

In certain seasons of life, God may have you placed or is placing you somewhere where you 
feel alone. You are not alone. God wanted you to be pulled away from the distractions so He could work in You. So you would LET Him work in you. With all the distractions around it is like you were "too busy" to focus on what God was trying to do in your life. Yield to Him and give God TOTAL CONTROL of your life. I promise you my friend it is worth it. Stepping into a new season of life is one of the most awesome feelings.Don't be too busy focusing on your plans, so that If God tries to change them you ignore Him!!!!! Once I realized that this was what I was going through, and I got ahold of this, everything changed!!!

A friendship/relationship has been rekindled and I am ever so happy and thankful. This person has had me from hello; literally! But the past 3 months he saw a side of me that I didn't even like. He got the ugliness of  me. I was going through so much and was so confused that I took it out on him. But yet he still stuck around. Let me make a sidenote: I had absolutely not right to be ugly just because I was confused.  No right at all. Ok just wanted to make that clear..lol

So my point today; just when the goin gets tough, His grace is sufficient. Just when you are at the lowest point in a trial you are going through, stay strong. For your victory is RIGHT around the corner. Ms. Sherrie said something one Wednesday night that she was said to the congregation that will be in my mind forever, she said " You don't want God to have to call someone else to do what He had planned for you to do, do you?"  That hit my in the face. Square in the face. God has a plan designed especially for you. Do not give up. I know I know I know it is hard in that battle. But the reward is so amazing. And it only gets better. When you don't know how you're going to make it through the day or the next hour, open your Bible. Pray, talk to God. He WILL comfort you. He WILL be right there beside you.

If you ever and I mean ever need someone to talk to you, when you are feeling blue, or down , or alone; do not hesitate to talk to me. I may not have a degree in counseling or psychology, but I can tell you I will listen and I will do my very best to comfort you!!

I love you all very much and I thank you for your support of this ministry! I am so excited to see what God has up his sleeve :D Stay tuned for a  Thursday Post!


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  1. Megan I love you sweet girl. You are so precious, and I consider it a great honor to know you.