It'll find it's way.....

You know the phrase "What's meant to be, will find a way"?  I believe it. I always have. My junior year of high school when I lived in Virginia and absolutely was just so confused in life, I told myself that every single day. It was a constant reminder that God has His hand on EVERYTHING. Everything and every battle that you are going through is happening for a reason. Maybe taking you down the road to meet your mate, or taking you through a season to open your eyes and see. We don't ever know the reason as to why God does what he does, and why certain things happen. But if we trust in HIM and we rest in HIM always, we will not ever have to wonder or ask why. You can be confident in the fact that everything you are going through is happening for a reason. We make mistakes. I am sure many of yall have made a decision and then soon 2nd guessed your decision...am I right? Yes, I am. Because we ALL do.  But I am here to remind you to "Trust in LORD with ALL your heart, and lean not on your own understanding." Pro 3:5, if we do this then we will not have to ever 2nd guess ourselves. At times it may seem so hard and you just want to quit, BUT DON'T for your victory is right around the bend!

So sit back, relax and watch God unfold the path of your life right before your eyes. Enjoy every moment and do not be discouraged. And remember to always smile!!

Be Blessed!


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