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So the past 3 days have been very busy and interesting!  I thought I would share with yall, starting in the order of occurrence.... 1. Went Christmas shopping with mom and sister on Saturday..by the end of the day we were wiped out! We have not shopped that hard in awhile. But while we were enjoying our favorite, Auntie Anne's pretzels this was our view: Talk about getting Christmas Excitement! This scene would have been the best if this was in New York City... :) But Montgomery will work just fine!
To all my friends: THIS is your Christmas present this year....
So get ready to wear it!!

2. Sunday night we had our yearly Thanksgiving dinner at Church. Usually all the kiddos put on a little play or musical for us. This year the teens decided not to do anything (or so we thought) and only one teen from the teen group got up to do a dance. In the middle of her dance, the music got loud and people (when I say people I mean teens) got up and broke out in a flash mob! It was the coolest thing I have seen in awhile!
I was going to upload the video but I seem to not know how to turn it to the side so you don't have to watch the video sideways..I will work on that! And now onto the best part of all.....
Keep your eye on #25

3. Going to Tuscaloosa with the family to watch my very best friend in the whole entire world play basketball. Her name is Meredyth Frye and she plays basketball for Georgia Southern. You could say I am a very proud best friend!! I met Mere when I was 16 and lived in Virginia...we played ball together and she basically lived with us. And now she is in Statesboro, GA and that is about a 5 hour drive, not as bad as the 13 hour drive!!

Cool action shot!!

Thats my girl, Mere Frye!! Love love love her! See the guy in this last picture with the camera? Yeah we had a nice long chat with him and his daughter at the Nick Saban statue. He was GSU's photographer.
Meredyth, Me, Mikayla( my sis)

And finally, the best part of the best part :) Getting to see her!! (excuse my messy hair!)

That is what I have been up to the past couple of days, today I am home from work sick..not feeling to colorful today. So I will spend my day packing for my trip(leaving tomorrow to head to Illinois for Thanksgiving...ahhh Illinois.) and playing with my new blackberry....and of course pinterest-ing it up! I will be posting while I am out of town so you can see all of my yankee I mean Illinois adventures! There ain't nothing like Thanksgiving at Memaws!

What are YOUR Thanksgiving plans this year??


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