Have you ever had a goal or had your mind set to something, and then someone comes along and tries to smash the goal? Tells you that you are crazy, and you can never reach it. That there is no way in the entire world that you could ever get there.

I am sure you have.
I know I have been told this.

Has God ever laid something so big on your heart for you to do, and at first you are like "Whoa God listen, we gotta talk about this. Are you sure? Are you sure you want me  to do this? Are you sure God?"  And then He just continues to say "Yes, yes, yes. I have equipped you for this, the path is set for you. You just trust me. You obey me. Let's go."

I am sure this has happened to you.
I know it has happened to me.

God put that desire in your heart for a reason. He chose you for a certain reason; just for this desire. What a great feeling, huh? When you think about it, when you think about how many people are in this world, and He chose YOU for this particular thing.

I was watching Joel Osteen while I was getting ready for Church on Sunday, and he started to talk about how after his father died. After Joel's dad passed, Joel took his father's position in the Church. Pastor. He said that he was super nervous and just didn't know how it would go. He said it was about his 3rd or 4th service and after service he was out in the lobby and over heard some older women talking. One of the women said, ".He can't ever amount to his father" and the other one agreed and said something along the lines of "let's see how long this (he) will last."

Joel said that when hearing these things, it was a terrible feeling. It was not something he wanted to hear. But he knew this was where he was suppose to be, and he was doing what he was suppose to be doing. So he hit the "delete" button and the comments he had heard and was hearing were gone. They were gone and would have no effect on him.  Joel made a comment that said " Well 12 years later, they are gone and I am still here!" (talking about the old women)

What I found that I liked (I always like what he has to say, but this was a favorite) and I took away from it was the "delete" button.  Delete all the negative comments you hear. Forget them. If you know God has called you to do something and put a desire in your heart, then you can best believe you can do it!

Believe it or not, words do have an effect on people. Continually hearing negative and hurtful ugly things will bring someone down. Words can be used as a form of mass destruction.

Say this to yourself today and everyday;

I am a Child of God, I am flawless. I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I have royal blood flowing through my veins, God has crowned me with His Royal Favor. I am the apple of His eye.

It is true. These words are powerful. And no one's negative words and hurtful words can tear you down. Hit that "delete" button and say this aloud!! If God is for you, then who can be against you??!!

I want you to know, that you have a purpose, God has a plan for you. Know that He is on your side, and know that those harmful words are like the dirt on your shoe. Be strong, be courageous and most of all, Trust God. Obey Him, and yield to Him.

I promise.....

you won't regret it.

God put The Promise in YOU. Don't let people talk you out of your destiny!!

Also..I got my hair cut..short..and it feels sooo "me" :)

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I got to see my Mere play on Saturday!! (She plays for Georgia Southern)


  1. I LOVE your hair!! I looks so great girl!


  2. Beautiful message! And cute hair too!

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  4. Hey guess what?
    This post was EXACTLY what I needed to read today.
    Like spot on.

    SO thanks for listening to God and posting it :)

    And your hair is so adorable by the way!

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  6. oh my goodness I just love your blog :)