Pleaaase do not hate me for not posting for about uhhh 2 WEEKS...ahhh that is so crazy. I have been having blogging withdraws!

Let me bring you up to date: My life is super crazy hectic insanely busy now..(how in the world did this happen in only 2 WEEKS??)

I am now a proud member & sister in Zeta Tau Alpha. I am beyond blessed to have these girls in my life! Each and everyone of these girls is so unique and different from any other. I stinking love it.

Starting Monday I will begin working at Chick-fil- A  again! I cannot wait! CFA was by far the best job I have ever had. The team is wonderful. My bosses are beyond wonderful. And I care about my co workers so much and love the friendships that we have. I have missed working there SO MUCH and I am soo thankful that God has given me the opportunity to once again be on the team. I appreciate my team members there so much.  And my bosses. Oh how I just love them and that place!!!
 --- I will still be working my wonderful office job with women that I love working with! I will be at CFA&School 3 days a week and will be at the 3 days a week..so 2 jobs and full time school & Sorority & ministry...phew! I am a busy girl..

On Top of that...(drum roll please....)

I have decided to start selling Arbonne once again! I have sold Arbonne before but just got so busy that the timing was just not right. I am ready to pick it back up and get the ball rolling!! Eeeeeks!! I cannot wait to talk more with yall about Arbonne. uh-maaazing.

Also..last thing...

God has been talking with me about this...
I am ready to start making music. I just knew the books and books full of my lyrics would come to use someday. And He has decided it is time. The desire has been put in my heart and I am ready. So guitar players, piano players...step forward. Let's make some music and bring GLORY to God and HIS Kingdom!!

So for now, I will sit and I will patiently wait. I will wait for God, and I will have faith in His timing.

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him.Psalm 39:7

Few pics to share of my busy-ness....(is that a word?) heehe ;)

Little Man Blake<3

Don't ask..(but the lady that saw this said " ohh how beautiful that looks.."
I smiled. Then walked away quickly..

K. Fritz on the way to ZETA DAY 2012


Love us some elevator pics..

Love love my Sweet Sweet Friend and Sister, Rachel.

Our Picture that is on Boutique Greek's Page!

feels good to be back in this!

yes. I wore them. & I loved them.

This makes my heart SMILE!

Uhh...close to perfection? Red Velvet GiGi's cupcakes.
My fav.

Doing some work for Zeta day :)

Me having a good hair day...YES!

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Love yall!!! 


  1. congrats on the sorority!! I was in one as well but had to go alum early because senior year is way too busy for me right now!

    Also thats awesome about getting to work for Chick-fil-A again! Co-workers and a loving work environment make work enjoyable

    I have never heard of Arbonne, looks neat :)

  2. MEG!! That yellow Cardie-- where??!
    I LOVE it.

    So happy for you and all the adventures God has started to lead you on; I'll be praying for you!


  3. Aubrey! New York & Company! Thank you for the prayers!

  4. I'm so glad you're back! I've been an avid reader and I've missed your posts! It looks like you've been super busy but having lots of fun! Can't wait for more fun posts! :)