God is good!

So, I am sitting here writing this post when I really should be working on an exam that is due for political communication class tomorrow. But I am really avoiding it. My book got stolen last week and I was not able to do the exam and turn it in on time (Monday), so my teacher gave me his book. I thought that, that was super sweet. So after this post...I have got to get crackin on it!

Everytime I read this my heart races. A facebook friend of mine posted this the other morning. It was in her morning devotional. The night before I had been praying and asking God to help me. Help me with the courage and strength to make a decision. It is a decision that many people do not understand. Bam. The next morning this is the first thing I see.

This summer/fall (refer to beginning of blog posts) I was so wrapped up in making everyone else happy. Except for myself. It was like I was trying to keep myself occupied to keep my mind of off things. People did not understand my actions, my decisions, my life in general. But I realized, it isn't for them to understand. The line in this devotional that is the line that jumped at me is "...

wait..I just went back up to the picture to copy the line and this is a totally DIFFERENT ONE!! She posted this to my page today, and I was thinking it was the picture I asked her about, if I could use it on here. This is totally different!  I just read the picture up there and it is exactly what my Spirit has been feeling hearing all day. He NEVER lets go of my hand. Even in my hard times. He still holds tight to me. Leading me and staying by myside! Wow, I am in tears right now. 

Ok now onto the picture  I was ORIGINALLY talking about. haha God is soooo goooood!

Ok the line that jumped out at me was "Do not expect anyone to understand fully My ways with you..."

This is what I needed to see. Even though no one else understands, It does not matter. Because as long as I am obeying, trusting and putting every ounce of faith my 135lb body, mind and soul and heart has, it will be okay. God will be holding my hand and leading the way. 

I am sitting here just thinking about what just happened  with those pictures. haha WOW! 

We PRAISE You Father!!! Thank YOU!! 

My strength, joy, courage, all comes from my God who is ever so faithful. I am so excited for this Journey. I am so excited to be able to follow the desires of my heart that HE has given me. RHEMA &Tulsa/Broken Arrow, Oklahoma..Yall better be ready for me!! 

Thank You KR for letting me use these pictures :)


  1. Isn't it funny how somehow you are always shown something from God right when you need it? Or find a sermon to be speaking directly to you right when you need it?
    God works in mysterious ways :)

  2. Love these devos - SO awesome!
    God blows my mind seriously every single day!
    He's incredible!

    Hope you're doing well, girl!