Here we go..

Have you ever made a decision and you went into the decision without peace? And everything just felt like you didn't have control and you just weren't okay? Confusion.Chaos.

A change was made today. After this change was made, peace flooded my soul. I have not felt peace in 4 months. 4 MONTHS.

I have learned through this experience that I cannot please everyone and I cannot make everyone happy. You have to follow your heart, or you will spend the rest of your life making someone else happy.(Thank you RGR for that. )

I really do not know what to write! I have SO MANY WORDS AND THOUGHTS going through my mind and my heart, but I cannot put them into words!


So for now, I will embrace this season, embrace this time I have. I will use it to grow closer to my God. Focus on His Kingdom, schooling and then heading off to Rhema.

The cry of my heart always is My God is FAITHFUL.

Psalm 34:1  I will praise the LORD at all times.
I will constantly speak his praises

I will have a big post for yall tomorrow afternoon!


  1. That's fantastic that you feel so at peace and that you have so much faith. I love reading about your experiences they are so inspirational!!

  2. Thank you! I am so happy and thankful that I can be inspiring for others. Thank YOU for being a reader! I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I know that there are so many people going through the same things I am, and I just pray that I can help someone see the light and know that it is never too late! Hope you are having a wonderful day!