So it is finally Friday...and you know what that means?? SPRING BREAK!

It's not like I do anything big for Spring Break, but this year I will be taking a little trip :)

I am heading to Georgia to visit my sweet sweet friend & like a older sister to me, Kristen. Her and her hubby had their 3rd baby in November. A little girl! ( Kristen and I used to work together and I babysat for her&her husband) So two handsome little boys and a beautiful baby girl! I cannot wait to love on them! - Kristen has known me since 2008(09ish?) and she has seriously been someone who I count on. She has heard me laugh, seen me bawl my eyes out and helped me with my guy problems. Many daycare adventures and late nights watching Teen Mom together. Let's just say I am so excited to see my friend! I am a wee bit nervous about the drive (5ish hours) by myself...but I will pop in the new Jesus Culture Awakening c.d and worship all the way there!

Highlight of this coming weekend....

Kenneth W. & Lynette Hagin will be in Montgomery Sunday for their "Living Faith Crusades" tour and will be at Harvest Family Church!
I am too excited about this, my friend Rachel grew up at Harvest; her and her hubby still attend church there. Our friend Abby is coming down from B-ham Sunday & we are all going together Sunday & Monday!

Now you might be wondering why I am so pumped about the Hagin duo coming.. well..

Rhema Bible Training Center ( The Bible School I will be attending) is under Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

This makes my heart smile!! I will be sitting and listening and worshiping with the ministry I will be under VERY SOON! I am ready to meet the Hagins and get even more ecstatic about Rhema!

 I pray for wisdom, knowledge and God's anointing on the Hagins as they minister this weekend.

This week, God has been confirming some things going on and questions are being answered. Here are some quotes from this week...

God sets his sights on something far greater than perfection. He sets his sights on love." - Dr. Randy Feller.”

You don't need to have everything figured out. As long as you know Who holds your future, you're going to be okay.

Decide today to follow God's Word and with His help, you'll live to please Him instead of yourself

Joel Osteen's Ministry shared this and I almost passed out..
"God wants to do something astounding in your future. He is saying to you, “I’m going to do something awesome, something that you have not seen before.” See Exodus 34:10.

Even when you are at your absolute worst, God is still there with you, loving you, believing in you and helping you find the best way up.”

If you know who you are in Christ, it won't matter so much to you what other people think

Job 36:11 teaches us that the fruit of obedience will be prosperity and a life of pleasures.

Also, this made me smile...

Thank YOU Leanne@Simply Beautiful!! You made my day, and especially since I saw this at  7:37 a.m!!

Love yall!


  1. Have a wonderful Spring Break!! Be careful driving :) Not sure what Rhema is but I'm going to look it up! Thanks for a great post.

    Amanda @ myloveforLyla

    1. Thank You!! And thank you for reading :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Also, in my post there is a link connected to "Rhema Bible Training Center".


  2. I saw that you listen to Jesus Culture! LOVE THEM!!! sooo good!

    1. YES!! Love love Jesus Culture!! And Bethel!

  3. God sets his sights on something far greater than perfection. He sets his sights on love." - Dr. Randy Feller.”

    God's so awesome :)

    Happy weekend, girl!

    1. I know, isn't that so great? When I saw it I was like "whoa God, you are showing out today ;) " LOL

      God is soo awesome and I am stoked!! I hope you have a GREAT spring break!!

  4. I think my heart flew up in my chest when I saw a picture of my post! Haha! I'm glad that it could encourage you on that day! Seriously meant what I said about your blog! Enjoy your spring break because I'm out of school now and I'm seriously missing that week of relaxation. Happy Monday! :)