Meg vs.Blogger


Everyone who came this morning to read the new post, and saw that there was no new post...I am very sorry. Blogger and I are really not getting along today.

I had this huge big post all typed up and set to post this morning..except it didn't post. Only the title posted.? Odd. Very odd.

But basically, the post was about me and my job(s)...and God showing me how He takes care of everything.

So we all know that I started back at Chick fil A about 2 weeks ago, and I still had my office job. When God first put it on my heart to go back to Chick fil A and still have my office job, I was like whoa God listen, how do I work 2 jobs and school full time and sorority, ministry, etc. He said, "you let Me handle that." So I did.

I got a phone call yesterday while having some retail therapy with my momma and sister. (Yesterday was super rough, and I am emotional because I am a girl, and I really wish I was at Bristol this weekend...its weird not being there..) So after I finally decided to try on the pile of avoided clothes, I get this phone call.. It is my office job boss. She called to inform me that my position changed and that she hired her sister, and that she would no longer need me.


This was totally unexpected to me. Totally. And I have never been "let go" or fired from any job. At this point in time, I was just ready to lay on the dressing room floor and cry. Ole girl couldn't catch a break yesterday.
So I called my Rach, and she said "Megan, good things fall apart, so better things can come together. It is all in His plan." I knew this was true. Very true.

I came home and walked the doggies and enjoyed time with my sister. It was nice and relaxing. So as I am in spending time alone last night, it came to me..

The job I had at the office was a mission or a task. God had me there for a reason. 4 weeks   ago when He had me re-join the Chick fil A crew, God knew exactly what was going to happen. He had it ALL set up for me!!! How awesome is this??! My mission there was finished, and He had me safe, and stable job wise when the time came for me to leave.

wow.wow.wow.wow. That is all I can say besides THANK YOU!
So instead of being confused and thinking I did something wrong(which I did NOTHING WRONG), I am happy that I spent a season there and obeyed God and finished the mission He had for me! Does He take care of His children or what? :D

With all this said, it makes me so happy to know that all of my work attention can be fully on Chick fil A. I have wonderful wonderful amazing managers and co-workers. I have been so glad to clock in there each and every shift :)...that is good!

Atlanta Spring break visiting my friend Kristen and her hubby and kiddos was so stinking relaxing. I am posting some pictures to share with yall!

But tomorrow there will be a post (I am about to start it) once again it is about Resting in Him. Yall will be seeing a lot about resting in the coming posts because well, that's what God has me doing right now. And maybe just maybe, He is leading some of yall to Rest in Him and you just can't sit still. (I am like a toddler...so squirmy!) But we will rest together and share testimonies with eachother!!
I pray everyone has a blessed day!!

ok do not make fun of this picture...I want to see how many other women do a outfit check like this?? ANYONE?!

Hello Atlanta :)
Sweet Sweet Baby Emersen 

Home made ice cream with strawberries? Yes please!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!

Me and smart Hayden! He is such a smart little man!
Yes I know...I am lame.
Future mini dancer..look at her pointing those toes!
Cole man all croc-ed up and ready to go!!

Baby E and I playing with the camera at the dr.'s office! Look at her!
Last picture pregnant! Sooo ready for Rachel and Tommy to have Baby Jax!!


  1. so sorry you had a rough day but isn't it neat to see how God puts everything in place! :) I admire your obedience to Jesus. Thanks for that!
    and if you didn't know, I'm one of your newest followers :)

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you Amanda! It is so neat to see how He puts everything in place! Thank you for reading and following :) Hope you are having a wonderful week!

  2. Whoa! Now, that's pretty awesome! I love how Jesus works. And, for you to know his voice has to be the best part.

  3. Love your pictures and your blog! Excited to be a new follower!