I am a busy person. I like to have things planned out and scheduled and done on time. I like "checking" things off of my to-do list.

I work 2 jobs, school full time, Ministry work, and a sorority, and family time. I honestly really have no time to myself. Except for when I finally get to bed and get to sleep for a couple hours.

Am I complaining? No. (I had to clarify...might have sounded like it!) I am trying to show how busy I am. My mind is always going 90 to nothing and mental lists are being made and worked on in my mind. It is whack.

So, God has put so many things in front of me. So many desires I have, and of course I feel like I need to do them ASAP. I mean why not get them done?

I am in a season where God is saying, "Rest my child. Just rest. Fellowship with me. Just rest. Be still. Sit."
This hits me hard! I cannot just sit. I am constantly going. constantly.  
I am receiving so much clarity. I am seeing things more clear than I have ever seen them before. 

Sometimes I question myself. And I have doubts about myself sometimes. I mean at some point, we all do. BUT when I speak aloud, about what God says about me and who God says I am...well, the whole atmosphere changes. ( I am getting to my point..I promise!)

Sunday was the first night of the Kenneth W. & Lynette Hagin "Living Faith Crusades"...Wow wow wow!! Such fire!! 
From service last night, to prayer service this morning, to service tonight. So many things have been confirmed. I have had so much revelation. 
I woke up this morning to a text from a good friend and he said that I was laid on his heart this morning and that he felt the urge to tell me that; "I am exactly where I need to be for such a time as this. Don't doubt, just trust. He is about to use you for something GREAT! :)"

I smiled and said, Thank You Father. Thank you for this. God knows exactly what we need and WHEN we need it. I am thankful for this!! Prayer service this morning was so intimate. I learned that, instead of my just praying and talking to God and then getting up and being done with prayer time, that I should sit and wait. Wait for Him to answer me. 

Tonight we talked about, knowing The Word. Not just knowing it, but KNOWING IT. A good example that was used tonight was about a sponge. You can soak that sponge in water, oil, grease, whatever. And when you squeeze the sponge, the liquid will come out. Well when the enemy is squeezing you, what is going to come out of your mouth? Are you going to be tackled or will you defeat him? Friends, this is extremely important. Knowing God's Word will keep and lead you into a victorious life full of strength and joy. When those hard times hit and you just want to crumble, speak The Word. Automatically. It should come out automatically.  

This morning during prayer service, as I was standing and praying and worshiping, I said " Father, this time is yours. This time is for you. Starting right now, I will rest. I will climb up in your lap and I will rest." Automatically after, I could feel Him. I could feel rest just all over me. Let's put it this way, I had people commenting all day about how quiet I was being!! Very funny and odd! I was resting. I am still resting. I will continue to rest and to get clarity and get ready for the next thing God has for me to do. I am usually like a toddler who just cannot sit still and I wriggle out of hugs and arms because I just don't sit still. That has changed. Glory! I am learning to sit and rest with my God. And oohh how sweet it is!

Gosh I have soo much to share, but I will save some for other posts ;) Here are some pictures...enjoy!!

please ignore all the weird eyes!

outfit check.

Rach and I  (and baby Jax who will be here ANY minute!!)

parking lot fun
Oh my sweet sweet Rachel!! I love her.

takin pics in church? Whaaat?

Dinner with my girls! Rachel, Me, Abby


  1. Love reading your blog posts! So inspiring!

    1. Thank You for reading!! I really love your blog!

  2. Oh girl!
    I can totally relate about needing to slow down and rest in Him.
    I've been going through the same type things!

    Not easy but worth it!

    And I'm loving your short hair :)


    1. Jessica!! Thank you!! Yours is growing FAST!!