Construction Site...

So, first off- let me apologize for the unorganized and disarrayed blog you are viewing.
I tried to get "crafty" on my little blog and weeeelllllll..it didn't work! Soo the lovely Mrs. Aubrey Kinch over at Kinch Designs will be working up her magic to make this mess, beautiful! Soo--I say you go check her out.

Let's get started.. in my last post you read my "stressed out to the max blog breakdown"...well shortly after posting that, several things seemed to "jump out" at me.
Starting with this:
So simple, yet so hard sometimes.

I got on pinterest and did some hanging out...

These are all perfect. So perfect, for me. Sometimes I get so caught up and distressed because I am not graduating as soon as I want to be, or I feel as though people think or will think I am just never going to get done. But really, who cares if someone else thinks I am never going to finish? To be honest---I am about there..about 3 more semesters and I am done. 
I rush life, I rush myself. I need to slow down, breath, and take each day as it comes. 
And when it comes to letting go; Well that is something big I have to work on.
Whether it is letting go of arguments (which I have gotten way better at) or letting go of what people say to me or about me. 
So, this week while out of town for Thanksgiving- My cousin C and I are getting the same tattoos..(YES MY VERY 1st one!!) It is going to be a little reminder for me to see every single day to Let go and breathe. SO more to come on that!

My decision with school figured itself out- woke up at 4:30 in the morning with a strong feeling of what to do--did it, emailed my adviser and bam I was back asleep at about 5:30. 

Ahhh life is so sweet when we let God handle our plans and fight our battles. 

Happy Monday friends!!


  1. Aubrey does the BEST blog designs! Can't wait to see the finished product. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ahh, I can't wait to see your tattoo!! You'll have to let me know if it hurts bad, because I have my design & the spot I want my tattoo but I'm so scars its going to hurt real bad!
    As for worrying about what people think about your school life... Tell them to mind their own business. For real, if they aren't paying the bills they have NO room to say a word. People.

    Love you pretty! Can't wait to see your new design! XO