Finding contentment

Tonight as I am laying here, it hits me. I am so much more worthy than I ever thought I was.

When the fear of doubt and and the words "you're not good enough" creep in, I can stand against those and KNOW that I indeed, AM good enough.

We are all fighting our own battles. No battle more tough than someone else's, because every person handles things differently. From emotional abuse to cheating to being afraid of what tomorrow holds, we are all fighting something. What is it that YOU are fighting tonight?

I want you to think about that. It doesn't have to be something so huge or so big, but sure like I said, something that may seem so little and insignificant to someone else, could be ginormous in your eyes. 

Today and tonight the word fear has been something that has been heavy on my mind and my heart. What is it we fear the most? For me? Maybe I fear that I will cut myself short. Some fear that whatever has happened in their past is bound to happen in their future. 

Our minds and our attitudes are what handle this. Go INTO SOMETHING thinking positive. Do NOT give yourself the option to have negative thoughts or to dwell. Everything will happen when it needs to. In its own Season. Just because something isn't how you would like it to be now, doesn't mean that it won't ever be that way. God KNOWS the desires of our hearts. He knows them. He WANTS to bless you. He WANTS you to be happy. Stand firm on His Word and trust when it says "do not fear". 

Don't fear. Don't worry about things you cannot control. Take each day as it comes. Love others and make sure you never miss the opportunity to share what is on your heart. I've learned to not hold anything back and to always share my heart. So far....it's working and I feel great. 

Always remember, sometimes it's gotta get dark before the sun can shine. A storm always rolls through before the rainbow. Be steadfast and trust and KNOW you CAN and WILL get through whatever battle you may be fighting. 
YOU deserve the best. So handle your battles, be at peace and move on. 

It will be okay.

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