I've been trying to write a post for the past almost 2 weeks now.
I type and type, only to erase.
So many emotions, so many thoughts, have been going through my life.

But tonight, for once...I have none. No thoughts. No emotion. No feelings.
Almost comfortably numb.

In the past week, I have had people say things and do things to me that I never expected. I've had words exchanged with others that frankly, I wouldn't take back. People don't change. They may better themselves, but they don't change. They won't change. Don't waste your time trying to make anyone see anything. Some people drown their hurt and pain with alcohol. Some with exercise. Some choose not to hide it at all. We all have hurt and we all have pain. But Y O U choose how to handle that hurt and pain...taking it out on another person is not the answer.  

Remember....hurt people, hurt people.

Trust your gut. Don't go against it. 
And if you have the chance to be happy, take it.

 Do your own thing and your pieces will fall together.

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