Up to speed with happiness..

I am quickly seeing things in a different light. Is it because I am finally making myself happy? 
Let me bring you up to date on a few big things...

1. I got my acceptance letter for Nursing School...that is right...I got accepted. Talk about a new beginning. When I made the decision to go back this route, I put it in God's hands. I told him I wanted HIS will to be done. Whatever is suppose to happen, will happen. Took my residual test 2 weeks ago, and this past Friday I grabbed that envelope out of the mailbox. And when I opened it, I knew this was a new start. A new beginning. Orientation for Troy Nursing August 5th. Excitement.

2. Everyday I take the negative and the drag me downs of life, and I literally picture a dumpster or trash can and take each drag me down, one by one and toss them into the trash. Whether it's feelings, people, obstacles. I do this everyday.

3. I have found a new love for making myself happy. I used to want to just give up and settle. I have fought through the lonliness and taken the time to get to know myself again. To figure out my likes, my wants, my needs. In this quiet time I have with myself I have realized that I cannot hold on to my anger and be upset with myself forever, for always giving in. We all learn from our past. Thank goodness our past does not define us. Each day is a new beginning and WE CHOOSE how to make that day.

4. You are who you hang out with. Plain and simple. I am sorry, but I am not going to let anyone try and make me something I am not. In my life, God, Family/Close Friends who are basically family,Work are my top 3.  I will not let any of these 3 things suffer because of who I am hanging out with. I felt at one point in time within the past month that each of those 3 things above were in the beginning stages of being put to the side. WHAT?! Oh no. NOT okay. My God's love is everlasting. My family will ALWAYS be there. My job is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things in my life to me. It is a blessing. Basically, you don't like what I just said, then don't. But that's who I am and how I feel. Take it as it is.

5. We cannot change or save other people. All we can do is be the example and the light that someone needs to see. End of story. Period.
6. God is working. God is always working in your life. Let Him work. Let Him guide your life. Who cares if a guy is a total idiot and hurt your feelings more than one time. Chances are, it is his loss...not yours. Who cares if things aren't going your way...It's GOD'S PLAN not ours...Remember to respect yourself to know that you deserve the VERY BEST. Not saying to be picky or snotty...but just don't settle. Once you are happy, you will see all the pieces falling together. Just like I said yesterday...

Eventually, all the pieces start falling together, time finally moves, the heart heals and that is when you realize that you're finding your happiness again.

Remember, we cannot control this world. We cannot control what other people do. But we can control our emotions and how we treat others. Smile, keep your head up and in the wise words of The Beatles, whisper words of wisdom, let it be.