As I lay here in my bed tonight I have found myself in a place I haven't been.
So full of thankfulness. So excited to see where my journey is going and watching it unfold. But that's not what this is about....

Finding myself somewhere I haven't been...I am truly seeing how strong I am. It's true...you really do find out how strong you are when you do something you never thought you could do. Today while I was with S and driving down the road, just enjoying our girl time, it hit me. I am single. The first time in 6 years...and today I realized it. I've known it, and embraced it. But today, it was a different feeling. Not a sad feeling, not a lonely feeling. But a feeling of confidence. A feeling of courage. A feeling full of great pride. To sit and think about it, I am so proud of myself. I've always been the one to tell others to never stop chasing their dreams, to always remind themselves that they deserve the VERY best. But I never took my own advice.

Today, I realized that I have taken my own advice. I am not settling and I am working my booty off until I reach my goal(s) and more. Life is seriously too short to worry. I've seen my faith take a huge leap.  I've seen my faith grow stronger. I now see how strong I truly am. 
When everything fades and you feel there is no hope-- hold on because there is hope. 

That relationship you're in, that isn't healthy, that's toxic, that you just want to get out of but just feel like you can't. Truth is, you can.

That person who you just keep going back to over and over and over again, no matter how many times that person has hurt you and done things that make you not ever want to try a relationship again-- it's their mistake. Their stupidity. Remind yourself that you deserve better. 

That friendship that really isn't a friendship and you're just being drug down...you can love from a distance.

That first step of change is hard. But, it gets easier every day. Every single day I find myself with more strength and feeling so much more content. I find myself excited. I find myself feeling happy for no particular reason...just because. I find myself full of excitement for each tomorrow.

If you are in a season where you can relate to this, I am here to tell you- you CAN make the change. It is not too late. Ever. Trust God and know He has your life on lock and planned out. Let your faith take a giant leap. You are strong. You are full of courage and you CAN do this. 

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