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"We won't break if we let go. You and I already know, we were bound to be set free, eventually...so here we are now, you can say anything..."(Tristan Prettyman)

People come and go into our lives. Some stay for a longer time and some stay for a short amount of time. Figuring out when to accept this fact and let people go is the tricky part. If you're like me, "letting go" feels like you are giving up on someone. This can relate to relationships, friendships, etc. I don't like turning my back on people. But there comes a point where a decision has to be made. You cannot make yourself an option for anyone. Don't let yourself be an option for anyone. You must be a priority if that person truly cares. It's kinda like saying "Oh, well if it doesn't work out with this person, you'll be my number one."...I'm sorry, NO. Do not allow yourself to stick around. That's not okay.

Sometimes we go into things expecting the best. Hoping for the best. Only to get a plate of hurt shoved into your face again. You feel like this could truly be different this time. The person seems so genuine. And then bam out of nowhere they hit you like a car running a stop sign and drop the bomb on you. And then that's it. It's done. They walk out of your life like they were never even there. Like it was nothing to them. This is the hardest part to accept. In your mind, they were there. It was real. That my friends, is the road block. That is the thing that keeps us from letting go and truly accepting the fact. 
When people leave your life, don't chase them. They left your life for a reason.

Sometimes we know when something is on a downward spiral to crashing and burning. We just know it. But you don't accept it. You keep trying to fix it. To make it work. You keep trying to get it back on the good course. But it eventually will crash. It will burn.. And there you are...left standing there trying to pick up all the pieces and somehow move on with your life. In this moment, that is where you find your strength. In this moment is when you truly see how much a heart can hurt. 

I write this today not because this is how I feel. But because this is how I felt. I had trouble finally letting someone and something go. I realized I don't want to be an option for anyone, but I want to be a priority. For weeks and a couple months I let myself continually rack my brain trying to figure out what I did wrong and what I could have done differently. But truth is, I did nothing wrong. I did everything the best I could. People are fighting battles that we do not know about. They are fighting battles that only they can deal with and overcome. These battles surely hold them back. Hold them back from something potentially so amazingly great that it's insane. But--- if it's not in the cards then it's not. There is nothing you can say or do that will change that either. 

In moments we can love people. 

Look at it this way, there is something and someone so wonderfully amazingly great..waiting for you. Give yourself time. Take your time. Get to know yourself. I can honestly say, that is the best advice I can give..because it's what I did. It is the best way to let yourself heal. My heart is healed and I am excited for a future. 
You are worthy. Someone will see that too.

Allow yourself to find joy. Allow yourself to be happy. It's such an amazing feeling when you are finally truly happy. Don't worry about love...love will walk into your life when you least expect it. Set goals for yourself. Figure out your dreams...and GO. Chase them until you reach them. Everything will fall into place as it should. Just trust and know God has a plan so unimaginable for your life. After all, He IS the one who molded you. He knows you better than even you know yourself. 

"You should listen to your heart, its gonna tell you what you need. take care of yourself and don't you worry about me.."

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