Casually cruel..

Sometimes it's hard to accept the fact of certain things. Almost like being lied to is what's preferred these days. We'd rather make ourselves believe something is a certain way when really, we're only fooling ourselves. 

Things will go a lot smoother if we just faced the truth and figured our own things out. 
Stop worrying about tomorrow.
Stop trying to rush into a relationship.
Stop trying to figure life out.
Just stop.
Stop stop stop stop.

I've learned to not have expectations anymore. None. I'm at the point where having expectations just seems so much easier. No expectations? Good. That means no hurt. Time after time after time we allow people to walk all over us. To say words that shouldn't ever be said to us. Why? Why is this okay? It's NOT okay. 

I can't decide if I am more upset with myself over allowing it to happen or the fact that I actually allowed myself to have an expectation again, after I promised myself I wouldn't. 

So basically....

Sometimes a genuine person comes along and changes your whole thought process on this. It's okay to have expectations. It's okay to have hope for something. (well duh Megan.)

So what I'm saying is...

Take a chance. Take a leap. If you don't try, you'll never know. In your mind for the rest of your life "what if " will be there. 

Take a deep breath, and dive in. No regrets.


  1. Girl- I think we are dealing with many of the same feelings! Been really reading your posts and thinking about alot lately!

    I took your last line and wrote it in my planner: Take a deep breath, and dive in. No regrets.

    Thanks and praying for you!

    1. I think so too! I've been reading your blog and so much speaks to me! Thank you for the prayers. Sending prayers your way as well.

      And I LOVE the fact that you wrote that in your planner. Love it.

  2. Agreed. Love this and your words. :)