Inpsite of me....

I know God has an amazing plan for my life. But sometimes, I just feel like I don't have the strength to go on. I just want to quit most days. Just stop and settle and not press on. The only thing that keeps me going and to not run backwards, is God's love. His love and His faithfulness are what keeps me going. Every time I think sit and contemplate and think about turning around, a glimmer of hope lights up my heart and reminds me to keep going. Reminds me of the temporary happiness I felt at the time...which makes me decide that I want eternal happiness. I want to be fulfilled and satisfied. And not with the earthly things either. I want to be fully satisfied in God. With each step I take and every breath I breathe, I want it to be completely Him. 

It's not everyday that I feel like I am not strong enough. It's just some days. It's the hard days. But I honestly believe that the toughest times and toughest battles come right before you reach your victory. And y'all, being completely and totally honest- this is one of the toughest. I am learning so much about myself and every second I still think about turning back. But I don't. I remind myself that IT IS TOUGH.
 God never said it would be easy, but He did promise to never leave our side. He has shown that HE is FAITHFUL.

It's like when my world is spinning and I lose my balance, I search and I search and I run and run, and there's always one thing that is there---one thing that remains... God's L O V E.
No matter who walks in my life or who walks out of my life,  no matter the hurt and the fear and the death and the uncertainties of life---I am His. And HE is MINE.

Everything happens for a reason.

E V E R Y T H I N G.

Don't doubt God. Don't do it. 
In those moments of weakness when you are searching for Him,
the moments where anxiety and fear and worry over take you,
the moments when you feel as though you are nothing and you cannot go on--
Just open your eyes. Open your heart. He is There. He is waiting for you.

There's a few lines in a Kari Jobe song...these few words always seem to give me the encouragement I need at that very moment. These words remind me to KEEP GOING. To not turn back

So what if sorrow shakes my faith,
What if heartache still remains,
I'll trust you, my God I'll trust you

Just know that it's not too late. If you have turned back and ran, ran to your past. Ran to your comfortable-ness, ran to your "use to"-- it's okay. God didn't go anywhere. He is still waiting with arms WIDE open. He is saying come away with me.  

This whole post was suppose to be on something TOTALLY different...but these words came out like water from the hose. (yes, I know. I almost said the words came out like vomit..buuut, well...thats gross. haha.)
So- whoever needed to see this, I hope you did. I am praying for Y O U.
I know this life is hard. I know it can get you down. It's not easy. But God is faithful, and He will always remain faithful. When times get tough, just remind yourself that this life, and this walk with God is so beyond worth it. There are no words to describe the amazing plan He has for YOUR life. 

Press on. You are N O T alone. You are NEVER alone.  


By the way...Check out my amazing Brooke's blog-- she just started it. And y'all..trust me when I say, she is such an amazing woman of God. I am SO blessed and SO thankful that God brought her and I together in this friendship. He K N O W S what He is doing! God is faithful! Okay--go check it out my precious friend!! (She is above^^)

Link to Brooke's Blog

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