Why be afraid?

Vulnerable. Vulnerability. Webster's definition...

Look at that for a moment..capable of being physically or emotionally wounded. Open to attack or damage. Uhmmm....wow. That's all I can say...wow.

These days, people are so quick to jump right into a relationship. It seems like that's the "thing to do"...right? If you're not dating someone well then I mean, there must  be something wrong with you...right?


Some people actually wait for the person that their heart deserves. Seeking God every step of the way. They don't just grab the arm of the first person that shows interest in them. I know this is a hard concept for some to grasp..I know. But for just a second, put your pride and "I'm so hot" attitude & "no one is ever going to love me so I have to take what I can get" thoughts... to the side and be real. Just for a few seconds.

So, why is it that we are so quick to jump into something and then our hearts are wounded and hurt and ache for so long and then we make the genuine and good people who pursue us, suffer? That is so selfish.
In the world today "heartbreak" is expected. We build walls up around our hearts so high that not even Godzilla could knock them down. (I know, that was lame..but yes..I used Godzilla.) How in the heck are we to expect a man to tear those walls down when Godzilla himself can't??

C'mon ladies and gents. Let's get our crap together. 
If you ever and I mean EVER want a successful relationship...those walls have got to come down. And I don't mean right away, but as time goes on. As you seek God's direction in this relationship. The walls should come tumbling down. 
When it comes to being vulnerable. We all know that state. We all know how our hearts feel and the thoughts that go through our minds and the knots and butterflies in our stomachs. We all know. Being vulnerable is scary. We are opening our hearts to be hurt. We could think that way OR...we could open our hearts to something amazing. We can take it as a challenge..Remember..God brings people into our lives for a reason, for a season. You never know. 
Pray about it. Follow what God is leading you to do. 
Do NOT be afraid. If they don't appreciate your honesty, your heart and your passion f

or Jesus...then keep going. Don't let that discourage you. 

I saw a quote this morning and my heart raced and melted at the same time...

"I'd rather have the right God than the wrong man...."

Think about that.
Be patient. Be persistent. Be open.


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