No longer....

Possibly one of the hardest things in life is letting go of something. Whether it be a person, a memory, an idea, etc. Letting go is hard. Period. End of story.

But do we ever stop and think and ask ourselves what is it exactly that makes letting go so hard?
Is it fear? Fear of not finding better, fear of being alone, fear of someone's opinion?
Is it laziness? Is it just easier to hold onto even when its burning down? Just easier to sit and go through it all..mainly because you've become numb because you've put up with things for so long?
Stop and think about it. Ask yourself why it is so hard for you to let go?

 Now, think about that answer you gave yourself.

I saw a quote on Pinterest earlier tonight and it hit home:

Tonight, at this very moment.. 
 I am letting go of anything and anyone that doesn't benefit me,make me a better person, or closer to my God. That may sound selfish. But selfishness..that's not my heart. My heart is to stop being a doormat for some....a person that allows people to come and go and then waltz back in again. A person that has such a passion to succeed, but feels so hindered because of things being held on to. 

My heart will no longer race, those sweet summer night memories will no longer linger, and our laughs harmoniously erupting...it's faded. It's forever gone. I am no longer attached.


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