Sitting here in my bed, listening to the rain fall, and a warm cup of cozy chamomile tea in my hand...I am relaxed. 

I feel like I am living my life again.

Here's a few updates to bring you up to speed on life...
1. I am BACK at AUM and back into Broadcast Journalism..Nursing wasn't my calling, but I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to figure that out for myself.

2. I took my trip to NYC and was estatic..until I got sick. Oh and I threw up on the subway...in my shopping bag, which had new clothes in it, and all over my favorite purse. Oh yeah, and I passed out on my plane once we landed in Atlanta! Woooo Meg!

3. Yesterday, Sunday January 12..I made the decision to be baptized again. I was saved and baptized at the age of 12. You, my readers, you know that the past 8 months of my life have been..well..interesting to say. I really felt that since I am now living my life truly and fully for Christ, that I wanted to make that public again. From deciding to stay pure until marriage, to giving every detail of my day to God, I wanted to do this again. I can't wait to post the pictures from Highlands that the photographer took as I was coming up out of the water!!

4.My heart beat faster and slower at the same time 2 nights ago. (Ladies, y'all know what that means :D) 

5. I am officially back into my Mary Kay business!! After a year off, and diligently praying and seeking God for direction with MK, the answer was clear this weekend! I can't wait to get rolling again and sharing this amazing company with others but also the love of Christ as well! (Oh, and I am working my toosh off to have my FIRST MK CAR BY JUNE!!!) 

6. I have a new vision for the blog and where I want to take it. Changes are going to start very very soon on here...So please be patient with me. I finally have a refreshed outlook and picture of how I am wanting Hearts Prepared to flourish. 

7. Spanish 2 class...I despise. 

8. My beautiful amazing sister had her college signing on Thursday..she is officially a Mississippi College Choctaw! Can't wait to watch her play ball on the next level!

So- I hope each and every one of you are having a wonderful 2014 so far. I feel as though this year is going to be the most amazing year yet in my life. I am praying and believing that this will be an amazing year for YOU as well!

Here's my life the past 3 weeks in pictures...overload!

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