It's all about you.

Thankful that I can wake up in the morning and know I had and have respect for myself. 
That I didn't let the world sway me. 
That I didn't let pressure get to me.

Thankful that even though my heart is hurting, I can still smile. 
That I have joy. 
That no matter what, I am choosing to see the good.

Thankful for the rain that is falling on me while I am laying in this hammock.
That I can feel each drop hit my skin.
It's almost cleansing. 
It's a new day, yesterday is gone.

Thankful that God protects us. 
That He knows who is good for us and who isn't.

Honestly, I can't say much right now. Yes, things happen in life and we just don't understand. A week later and my head is done spinning, but my heart is still hurting. It's wondering how someone can change so quickly, and not another word. It's wondering how many times I am going to put it through aches. It's wondering when it can finally relax and be. 

Yes, I could be like other girls. Yes, I could be sleeping with guys..and waking up the next morning and looking over to see someone that I know, but that I don't really know. Tucking away all the guilt and shame, and just telling myself it's normal these days. I could disrespect myself in many ways. But I am choosing not to. I am choosing to stand my way, even when it makes me look "not cool". Even when it makes me look weird. I am standing it. I won't change my mind, either. The thing is, is that, a man that is worth it, will respect you. He will respect your values, your decisions. He will respect your heart. He will treat it as so. 

Ladies, if you don't respect yourself, do you really think a man will respect you?
Seriously. No.

How you view and treat yourself, is how others are going to view and treat you. Act accordingly.

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