30 things to remember...

1. Not all people have your best interest in mind.
2. Time doesn't heal all wounds. 
3. Time passes and you just become numb. 
4. Give people a chance.
5. Give people a second chance if that first chance doesn't go so hot...trust me. It may turn out way different and you'll be glad you gave it another chance.
6. People are going to say one thing, but always do the opposite.
7. When they want to ignore your texts, but be the first one to view your snapstory...yeah- not worth your time. 
8. Just because you hang out with someone doesn't mean you are that person. 
9. Sometimes you have to just take a step back and remove yourself from all situations. And yes, sometimes that means missing a super fun flight across the country.
10. Choose your friends wisely. You'll need them.
11. Remind yourself that other people who don't do relationships, they just have sex - remind yourself that they aren't going to understand the pain that your heart is feeling. 
12. Don't talk to them about your sadness or pain anymore.
13. Take care of yourself.
14. Take care of your body, your health. 
15. If that means a 3 hour kick butt gym session, do it. And oh yes, wear the dri-fits. You'll feel smokin hot after that workout.
16. You won't regret it.
17. Find a good dark shade of lip color for the Fall. It'll make you feel like a million bucks.
18. Have a girls night and go celebrate yourselves. Don't go too crazy though.
19. Ignore people when they constantly ask why you like to wear flowy tops or make  little comments about you buying a size large. Don't let it hurt your feelings..-- No matter how many times you tell them that you are broad shouldered and x-smalls like they wear don't fit you- Just wear what you want and be happy with it. Do Y O U.
20. Stop going to other people for relationship advice. Do what you want. Say what you want. It's your relationship.
21. If people don't accept you for who you are, it's their loss.
22. When someone does you wrong, smile and thank them. You don't need sorry people surrounding you.
23. When someone who is a micro-manager steps in... ignore. And try your hardest not to punch anyone. It's hard. I know.
24. Drink the dang Dr.Pepper.
25. Stop thinking and overthinking about the months to come. Let it all work itself out. 
26. Try not to cry when you happen to see something for the first time since he left. Yes, you spent many summer nights there and yes your heart is going to race like no other and the tears are going to try to flood down your cheeks, but don't let them. Take a deep breath, tell yourself the memories will never die. You are here and you have so much to offer. Then walk away and don't look back.
27. Forgive him....even if you don't ever tell him you forgive him. Just make it right in your heart.
28. Take your time picking up the pieces of your heart. 
29.Read 28.

 And finally...

30. Don't ever let someone make you feel not good enough. Or when they think they know something but they don't- just let them talk and don't respond. No body has any idea what you are doing and what's in your heart. Just let them think they are right. They'll find out one day that they aren't always right. You are good enough. You know your heart. Remember that. 

Trust me.
You're lovely.

Image Courtesy of Sarah McCallister

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