Not inadequate...

Today's society is so screwed up. 
It makes me mad. 

When did it become okay and acceptable  to press upon women that they aren't beautiful if their outward appearances don't match up to par? IT'S NOT OKAY.

I am so sick of seeing young girls and women sizing themselves up to others. Sick of it. 

What's your definition of beauty? Take a moment to think about it. 
Is it the shade of blonde someone is? The high cheekbones? Big boobs? Big booty? Perfect shade of blue eyes?

Sure, we like to look good. I know it. I love it when my eyebrows are on point and my blush accents my cheeks in the perfect way. I love it. But yall, let's be real right now. You could have the most beautiful outward appearance but have the nastiest heart. 

I don't know about you but having a ugly heart is not something I want. 

I want people to look at me and just see a light that is so contagious. A light and beauty that draws them to me. A beauty that isn't my own, but God's light. 

I just want you to feel good about yourself. To be comfortable in your own skin. To unashamedly know who you are and where your worth comes from. I want you to know that you are beautiful. 
This world is so big and society is on crack. 
We all feel like we get lost in the crowd. Someone is always prettier and someone is always a step ahead of you in the beauty/style department. That breaks my heart. 

How about instead of making it a competition between us women, how about we empower and inspire one another. Let's lift each other up and remind each other where our beauty truly comes from. We are here to compete with each other. We were given this life to love each other. We serve an "each other" God. We aren't to be about ourselves 24/7, but to be about others. What can we do for someone else? How can we serve God today? 

Yall, you know I go on rants like this all the time. But here lately, this has just become so heavy on my heart. It makes me so sad to see a beautiful young woman so afraid and against letting someone see her without makeup on. Or for her to feel so inadequate and unloved. 

I want to put a stop to this. I want to be someone who brings this reminder daily. 

God says we are all created in HIS IMAGE. HIS IMAGE. 
HE IS PERFECT.. so how dare society today tell someone that they are not beautiful. That they are not good enough. Here's a news flash...you are good enough. 

Ladies, I want you to always remember that with or without makeup, you are perfect. **(please do not think I am saying you shouldn't wear makeup! I am the queen of caking it on! I love getting fancy and dolled up.) But this week, I wore make up everyday and on the 3rd day of putting it on I was so over it. I was like I don't even need this. Like why? Let me just wear sweats and no make up and a ball cap. 
That is when I truly feel the most beautiful.

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you. Beautiful in every way."  -Song of Solomon 4:7

The first step to becoming comfortable in your own skin is to soak in and remember what God has said. To realize that your true beauty radiates from within.

When you start looking at someone's heart and how beautiful and good it is, then every single thing about that person becomes so beautiful and irresistible. 

Remember your worth. Remember where your identity comes from. Realize you are beautiful.

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