Get with it//

Okay guys, it's time to get real...for real. Down and dirty and uncomfortable. I don't care if you don't like it...don't read it. Yes, I said that.

What is it today that makes it okay to play games? To play with hearts and emotions like we're playing with a deck of cards? Or playing hopscotch on the playground. What is it? Why have we allowed it to happen? Better yet, why have we allowed it to get as far as it has?

We gripe and complain because we can't find someone-well maybe you should look at how you're going about it all. Make some adjustments.

I don't know about you, but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We sometimes have to go down the dead end roads. We sometimes have to take the wrong turn. Not just so we could say that we did, but for us to learn from it and to know and understand that we are going to face opposition and battles. That we will make mistakes. And the biggest thing we need to take from those things is the strength that lies in it. So I say that to lead me to this...

If we've been hurt and we've made it through the heartbreak and the tears, then why do we allow ourselves to get into situations that really are setting us up for pain and tears? It's like we're too scared to be honest and say what we really want, so we just play along and pretend we are okay with "whatever this is, whatever we are" until someone gets tired of it and decides to stop talking. I mean why is this okay? Where is the respect? Respect for yourself. Respect for the other person. Why would we make it through the storm and then just settle? I mean this really baffles me. This fires me up and makes me angry.

The fact that guys can "pursue" me and think that they can play me? No. That's not how it works..at all. I'm not the woman you play games with. I'm a woman who knows her worth. Who knows what she brings to the table. A woman who knows what she deserves and will not be settling for less. I don't waste my time on pursuing something with someone if I don't see it going anywhere. 

Is it because people are so afraid of love these days? Afraid of commitment? Afraid of being happy? I just don't understand. And I'm wondering when will I ever understand. People mess around with these little games and then they wonder why they lost a good thing. They portray themselves to be so genuine and a person of character...then with time, who they are starts to show. And you see that there is nothing genuine about their pursuit for you. 

You guys, let's stop the crap. Man up. Woman up. Say what's on your mind. Stop being so afraid of rejection. Rejection is God's protection. 

Stop the games. Stop the mixed signals and the "i kinda like you but I kinda don't but I do. But I don't want a girlfriend/boyfriend right now..." It's about as simple as your ABC's. 

so, remember your worth and what you deserve. Trust me, there is someone out there that is going to realize and see how amazing you are. And when you find that person--- never let them go.

get with it. 

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