from the ashes

I know life is hard. It's rough. It gets so tough. The only thing you feel you have energy left for is to just quit. Heck, you're not sure you even have the tiny bit of energy that it takes to quit. Life can suck.
Especially in the times when you're just questioning everything. Everything you've worked so hard for, everything that you know. When it all goes to shambles and you're just left standing, wondering what the heck is going on. How one day things are so normal and great and then the next morning you wake up and it all starts to go downhill. You never saw it coming. In these moments giving up is the most desirable thing. It's the one thing that is on replay in your mind. Over and over and over again, all you hear is just quit. Nobody cares. Look at the mess in front of you. Just quit. You're never going to reach your goals and your dreams. You're not good enough.

You, will make a way
Teach me now, to trust
To lift, my eyes again
When all hope is dust

I am here today to just remind you that you are good enough. That you can reach those goals and your dreams. The messes of life get us down. I know. They beat you down until you feel like you just can't go anymore. Your mind, your heart, your soul, your body is weak. Tired. You mentally are done. But, quitting isn't the answer. It seems like your hope is gone. In ashes on the floor. Some of you may not even be sure about your faith anymore. Just so shaken and unsure. Unsure of what God is doing. Why is all of this happening? But, are you remembering His promises?  Do you remember that in the times of trial and chaos and confusion, that He is molding you. He is building you. He is defining your character. 
He is preparing you

You will breathe again
Resurrect, these faults
And all your promises
I won't forget
You won't let me go

It may seem like this storm isn't passing anytime soon. But it will pass. I promise you that. There are days I just look back and think about the nights I would just lay in bed and cry. I'd cry for hours until I fell asleep. I was so confused. I was feeling abandoned by God. My heart was hurting. I didn't understand why I was walking through the storm I was walking through. I had to daily (multiple times a day) remind myself that there is purpose in the trial. 
That I was being prepared for what God was about to do in my life. I was being prepared for who He was about to bring into my life.

Each day got a little easier. It didn't feel like it at the time, but my heart could tell it was getting easier. Easier to let go of my past. To stop looking back at people that had walked away from me. To stop sulking over the doors that closed because I had been bold enough to ask God to close the doors that weren't meant for me. I had to literally pick my booty up and just say "Okay, God. Here I am." 

For those of you reading this that just feel like giving up...all I can say is don't. Don't quit on your dreams. Look how far you have already come!! Don't quit on God. He has placed you where you are for a reason. To touch lives and to impact others. To be a light for HIM. Endure these trials. Remember you are not alone. God is with you every step of the way. I just want to encourage you guys that are discouraged. I want you to know that giving up isn't an option for you right now. There's a task in front of you. A task that God has assigned. Know that God will carry you when you can't go any further. He will wipe away those tears. HE will bring peace to your weary heart. And He will take away the fears you have. 

From the ashes
From the ashes,
You call my heart to love
Call my heart to love
From the silence
From the sadness
You call my heart to love
Call my heart to love

And I say all of that with 100% confidence. I watched it in my life. I didn't think that storm was ever going to end. I was weary beyond ends and I had quit. I was done. But God wasn't done with me. 
Just like God isn't done with you.
If you need to cut some people out of your life for the time being, do it. There's no room for negativity. There's no time to be around people who bring you down...Who basically are a part of destroying your dreams and goals. You need some days off to recoup and just get your mind and heart right? DO IT. And do all of this without feeling guilty. 
Because those who support you and are really for you will not ever walk away from you. 
They will not discourage you- they will encourage you. 
And they will love and care for you..no matter what. 

Keep pushing through. 
This verse is one I have clung to...hope it encourages you!

{ But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold. } -job 23:10

***There's a song I've had on repeat several times and it helped bring so much hope to my soul... and on days when I am feeling down and discouraged I turn it on. "ashes" by Mia Fieldes (credit for the lyrics on this page**)

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