Did it even happen if..//

I know I talk about it all the time..society and how messed up it is these days. But now I think I am going to open a whole different can of worms on an issue in society. Social Media. Okay, so. Don't get me wrong..the power that social media has is AMAZING. Amazing. From keeping in touch with friends, distant friends, relatives, etc. Connecting old classmates...meeting new people. Making new friends (Shout out to my girl ABW in TX) Basically, social media has overtaken society today and is being used at rapid speed. I'm thankful for it...being a military child I moved around alot and made many many friends...through the years we've stayed connected or even reconnected. Love it. 

But there are many downfalls to social media. Many many downfalls. Some days I think we would be better off without it. Wouldn't be able to see who befriended whom on Facebook.. wouldn't see that your significant other liked some other boy/girls photos on Insta.. that's just the top of the list. You see, being so connected all the time and so aware of what is going on in people's lives..it's not good for us. Cool, yeah. Good? nah. 

Putting a mold out there of how we should look. Pressure to be a certain size or wear a certain brand or to drive a certain vehicle. Taking a picture is more like getting ready for prom. Trying to make everything so perfect. When in reality...there is no perfect. People convey through their posts and pictures that they have this oh so tidy and perfect happy little life. When in all actuality, their life is just as crazy and hectic and messy as yours. Oh, and relationships. I didn't want to go here..but I am. Are you even in a relationship with that person if it's not posted on any of the following sites: Facebook, Instagram, and ofcourse...Twitter. The answer to that is..No. The guy must be hiding something. Or the girl must be hiding him. BUT in REAL LIFE- who gives a mess if it's on social media? Last time I checked a relationship is between those two people. NOT their followers on social media. I'm just a little over this...if you're catching on to that at all. 

I'm so tired of scrolling Twitter only to see young girls today idolizing another girl their age and "wishing" she looked like her. Or taking on a new "challenge" to be like a celebrity..Yes, I'm looking at you Kylie Jenner followers. What happened to being yourself? Being the person that God created you to be..the masterpiece that He carefully molded together. What happened to being content in our own skin? What happened to genuine dating? What happened to keeping a relationship private and letting it grow and flourish without the outside opinions playing a part? I saw an article the other day about a girl who's boyfriend was proposing and she literally pulled out her phone to take a picture to Instagram....wait...WHAT? WHAT? Don't get me wrong...that is such an exciting moment and part of life. But that's like having a child and telling the Dr..oh wait, let me take a picture before the baby comes fully out...COME ON. We ruin some of life's greatest things and greatest moments so we can snap a picture. What is wrong with us? 

I'm so guilty of this. So I'm talking to myself as I write this. It really breaks my heart that in certain areas of life, I don't feel confident in things because of the pressures that come from social media. Like, I can't believe I really just typed that out. I can't understand why that is true. Makes me so sad and so frustrated.

Remember, it's easy to get caught up in it. It's so easy to make everything seem so perfect. But behind the pictures the truth remains. And the truth is, that God didn't create you intending for you to conform to the mold of this world. He didn't create you to constantly compare your life to someone else's. Your journey is different from every single person's on this Earth. Certain things in life need privacy...let things grow how they should. Let's stop letting social media define our relationships, our lives, and especially who we are...because you are worth so much more than letting society define you. 


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