Swipe left or right?

I am so disgusted. Let me just be real. 

So here I am, on a Friday night, just wasting time and trying to make myself sleepy. I come across a familiar face and saw that this picture was from "LuLu"..whatever that may be. So, I download the app to see what it's about. What I found was something I wish I never knew existed.... Are we really to the point of publicly rating people? How great they are in the bedroom? How sketchy they are? How great the "hook up" was... COME ON. Last time I checked the bedroom was something that was suppose to be private...

Broke my little heart. 

I am so disappointed and disgusted with today's society and people. People in general. How they go about dating. How they go about loving others. I'm just not sure where we are all headed. But I can tell you it's not happily ever after. It's fighting and divorce and ungodly marriages and relationships. 

I'm speechless. Between tinder, this lulu crap, and all the other "dating" apps & sites there are... there is no hope..no hope for me or for you. I'm not into that one night stand or the "I'll call you when I want you to be in my bed" type of deal. It's not okay. For some-it's perfectly wonderful. Have fun with that. One day you'll wake up and wonder why you feel so empty and so violated...so alone. Just turn on your phone and you'll see why. And yes, before we go any further- I participated in the tinder fad.. but quickly deleted it. And I definitely didn't have the app for sex..Let's get that straight.

So here's the thing. And what I'm about to say my upset some of you-- if so, I'm not sorry....

where are MEN these days? When I look around All I see are boys. Boys who can't commit. Boys who would rather play games. Boys who have someone so great in their lives but keep her on the side just in case another dime piece comes along. BOYS who keep these sorry apps. Boys who want respect but their actions are a far cry from respect. 

BUT where are the WOMEN? Ladies, we've got to pull our part too. We can't walk around here thinking these males need to grow up and man up..when you yourself are running around with a different guy each week. You can't expect any man to respect you when you don't give him anything to respect...I mean let's be real here. 

****Side note: there ARE great, amazing, men and women out there. This post is just based on society and the population..and all these articles that are being posted daily with "dating advice"..

SO what happened? And what happens now? What happens next? 

For starters, grow up. Man up. Woman up. Delete those stupid stupid apps...especially if you have a significant other. That's crappy of you.

In a relationship? SHAME ON YOU. STAY OFF those things. Remember, your eyes are the windows to your soul and your heart. Be careful. 

Not in a relationship? GET OFF YOUR BUTT and go meet people in PERSON. Guys, take someone on a date. Girls, GO ON A REAL DATE.

Listen, if you like someone, go for it. Pursue that person. Find out if you want to keep pursuing them. But don't be half in.

I know I don't really want someone who half way wants to be in my life. They are here but they've got one foot out the door.
Where's the sincerity in that? It's like they were already planning to leave. Please, walk on out if that's the plan. Don't settle and allow that in your lives people!

I am just so heated and amazed right now. At the rate we are all going, none of us are going to get married. Select few, yes. But all the rest... just going to keep swiping and rating and living "fun", I mean miserable, lives. 

Gotta say, I'm swiping left on this topic. 

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